UEN is located at the University of Utah

UEN is located at the University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

9 Ideas For The Kindle Fire In The Classroom

Since 2010 when the iPad was first released by Apple, teachers and educators have been incorporating digital personal tablets into classrooms and schools.  First, administrators chose iPads in place of laptops for portable computing devices.  It didn't take long before Principals were recording teacher observations, capturing video, and managing staff meetings with an iPad.

In the years that followed iPad Carts started rolling through the hallways of more affluent high schools and before too long many students were bringing their own iPads to schools that allowed BYOD connection to school networks and WiFi.

Today, however, there are many alternatives to the more expensive Apple tablets.  Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy have gotten cheaper, while eReaders like the Nook and Kindle have become more robust.  Kindle Fires & Nooks, for example, are actually Google Android tablets running on a proprietary OS.

Now that the Kindle Fire 7" model can be purchased for only $49.99 from Amazon.com (Link and price as off the posting of this blog on June 10, 2016), it seems unnecessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a Microsoft Surface or iPad for each student.

There are many limitations, however, to these devices. Without the mobile device management solutions that are provided for iPads, and a much less accessible App Store than the droid tablets, Kindle Fires fall short compared to the more expensive items.  But that's the conundrum - are those short falls worth it if you're saving thousands of dollars, or better yet... asking students to provide their own devices?

In the presentation below we will explore the best ways to use Kindle Fire Tablets in the classroom, and compare some of the pros and cons to other devices available to schools.

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