UEN is located at the University of Utah

UEN is located at the University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

Friday, September 27, 2013

PowerPoint Presenter View Solution

Have you ever gone to do a PowerPoint presentation and had your projector go to full screen of the slide, but your laptop screen shows a strange "Presenter View"?

Some teachers like this "Presenter View" with snapshots of the next screen and page notes, but others would rather keep things the way they're used to with full screen slide images on their computer.  It's easy to toggle back and forth between the presenter view and full screen on the projector or computer, but how do you put things back to the way they were? (Cue Barbara Streisand)

Step 1:  Click on the "Slideshow" menu item in the top ribbon of your PowerPoint windo.

Step 2:  Change the selection on the right side to "Mirror Show"

Step 3:  Return to "The Way We Were" - as in how the PowerPoint works when presenting, not the song.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Engaging and Exciting Vocabulary Lessons with Prezi

Learning a new vocabulary can be not only difficult, but boring!  Unless you have a background knowledge of the words being used, or an authentic experience to which you can attach these new meanings, it can be a long and tedious process to memorize new spellings and meanings.

With the free online tool Prezi, www.prezi.com, you can break free of the bonds of PowerPoint to create a spinning, eye catching, and attention grabbing visual presentation.  Check out the "Descriptive Words" Prezi below used to introduce adjectives to a group of 4th grade writers.  By breaking down the words based on the human senses they effective, students can then think about the adjectives they are using in their own writing.

Prezi isn't limited to only elementary topics or classrooms.  It can also be used in any subject area or secondary grade level.  The example below demonstrates how a Social Studies class at the middle school level can introduce and review a new set of words for a unit about the Middle East.

Using Prezi is easy.  First set up an account at www.prezi.com with your @CanyonsDistrict.org email.  Then get started with one of the templates and add text boxes for each word.  You can spice it up a little with some images, add links, even videos from YouTube and other online media sites.

To get going with Prezi, check out their three step process at http://prezi.com/support/

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gamify Your Classroom with Quizlet

Video games have been around for decades and their designs have changed the way we think and learn.  To more efficiently and effectively engage today's learners we need to provide an environment with not just competition, but opportunities for collaboration and team building.  Through a framework of "levels" instead of grades, students are more motivated to take risks with their learning if the fear of failure is removed and a sense of accomplishment put in its place.

An interactive flashcard study site like www.quizlet.com is one simple tool you can use to gamify your class.  Create vocabulary activities and games that are easily embeddable like the one below.

After students have a chance to study and play, make the activity competitive with "high scores", champions, or even incorporate badges and rewards from sites like www.classdojo.com and www.classbadges.com.  Quizlet also works well with Learning Management Systems like Canvas, Edmodo, and Moodle; online classes can be incorporated to support a positive and encouraging learning environment.

To learn more about Quizlet, check out http://quizlet.com/help/what-is-quizlet